Saturday, 16 October 2010

250 baboon photos!

Normally when checking our camera traps, on a good location I'll get about 1 or two photos per day. The other day when checking a camera set near the guest house, I was surprised to see it saying there were 270 photos - after a 2 week period. I assumed that I had forgotten to delete photos from a previous photo shoot, but instead on downloading the photos I was greeted with views of baboons from every possible angle. Here are just a few, so you don't get too bored with baboons.

Baby baboons look so cute. Who would believe they realise they grow up to be the mischievous imps like those seen in the photo below - checking out and moving the camera all over.

This guy is probably old enough to walk by himself - but is catching a ride anyway. Cheeky.

Usually there is only one big male in the troop - he chases off the younger males as soon as they become a threat to him. 

Hanging in there! Its definitely a different perspective on the world. 

A group of stroppy teenagers having a mad dash around

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