Thursday, 9 December 2010

Southern Double Collared Sunbird bathes

A couple of weeks back, during some really hot weather, I watched several different species of bird descending to some rock pools in our small stream to drink and bathe.

According to some articles in Birds and Birding from this year, sunbirds are rarely recorded bathing, although they do enjoy a shower in sprinklers. I have recorded Amethyst Sunbird doing this. I was lucky to photo an extended bathing session by what I suspect is a female Southern Double Collared Sunbird (based on size and colour).

The sunbird feels the water as female Yellow Canaries look on

She finds a nice shallow spot in the stream

... and gets straight in - doing the backstroke here

Ooo that feels good

behind the ears of course

"Oy, you're splashing me" says the Cape Canary

And its off to look for some Aloes

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