Saturday, 28 May 2011

Kammanassie Mountains Not Erupting

A day or two ago I was telling a friend: “Next Monday I fly from George to Johannesburg. Tuesday I fly Johannesburg to Sao Paolo. Wednesday I fly Sao Paolo to Lima. Thursday I fly Lima to Puerto Maldonado”
“Geesh, I hope that erupting volcano doesn't disrupt your flights!”
“As far as I know no southern hemisphere flights were disrupted by the volcano last time” I answered.

The next day driving to Uniondale I could not believe my eyes – the Kammanassie mountains appeared to have smoke billowing from them, and with the sharp, angular shape of Mannetjiesberg – the highest peak in the range – they looked just like a volcano eruupting (see below)

Fortunately the Kammanassie mountain range is made of sedimentary rocks – shales and quartzites made from mud and sand laid down millions of years ago. In fact – for better or worse South Africa does not boast a single active volcano. Looks like that the only thing that might disrupt my flights will be the clouds over Kammanassie.

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