Saturday, 7 September 2013

And it was all yellow

Yellow Birds – or Birds on Yellow is what we’re all about today. Is this the ultimate yellow page?

This morning I was going to work, but it dawned too beautiful. Since I haven’t had a good photography session for ages, this seemed like the time to make up for it.

I was going to head for the Sutherlandia fields, where I’d captured the Malachite in action in my last post. But I got side-tracked on the way in the fields of Bobbejaankool. Here are some of the results my wayward internet connection would allow me to upload. 

African Firefinch
Common Waxbills... all together now.... "We all live in a Yellow Submarine..."

Protea Seedeater

Protea Seedeater... "yeah, they were all yellow..."

Southern Double-collared Sunbird

Southern Masked Weaver

Cape Bulbul does have a yellow vent

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