Saturday, 8 August 2015

Rockjumper Peace

While the rest of the team was out today catching more rockjumpers, I was keen to follow up on the male released that was featured in the WAR post. On approaching his territory, I encountered an unringed male in the no-mans land between two territories. Not long after entering blueblackorange territory, I heard an alarm and caught sight of the familiar gliding form down the hill. I had the camera at the ready, and snapped some pics. Very exciting to see that it was blueblackorange and even more exciting to see that he was carrying a beak full of nesting material!

As an aside, did you know this antelope is a Klipspringer, and that means rock jumper in Afrikaans.

Male Cape Rockjumper Blue Black Orange with a beak full of nesting material

1 comment:

  1. I am excited to think I might meet this bird and all your friends very soon.

    Spring was a passing thought here, this year. we roared right in to August in June and the birds, bugs and flowers were done before they got started.


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