Saturday, 26 March 2011

Awesome Autumn

Mornings are cooler now - perfect for walking! So I decided to take my time on the latest round of checking leopard cages (we've only caught and released a klipspringer recently). The walk up our Sugarbird Valley was amazing. Not only did I see our elusive Gemsbok, but I also flushed a Verreaux's Eagle (who had evidently been eating a dassie); and came across some very relaxed Ground Woodpeckers. Added to that the Suikerbossies (Protea repens) in full bloom and attracting every nectarivore for miles around; the discovery of another rock shelter with rock art; and it all adds up to a pretty good morning out.

Black Eagle - you know they are around when the Dassies are barking

A family of Ground Woodpeckers

Magnificent Malachite Sunbird, on a Protea repens

Rock Art - a 5cm high hunter (I've enhanced colour to make him stand out a bit)

A male Cape Sugarbird shows off his ultra-long tail

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