Saturday, 23 April 2011

A new visitor to the bird-bath

There is something special about new visitors – a new dynamic, perspective or tale to tell, even if they are just visiting the bird bath!

Normally, its Cape Weavers, the local House Sparrows, the odd robin-chat or Lesser Double Collared Sunbird, but yesterday a group of 6 Malachite Sunbirds – 3 females and 3 eclipse plumage males – visited the bath for the first time (that I've been around!)

The usual suspects
The new visitors!
The local male Greater Double Collared Sunbird is normally too busy admiring or dancing with himself in the Hilux mirror to bother about personal hygiene.

However, he does like showing off in the Cape Honeysuckle.


  1. That's a beautiful bird bath AND some gorgeous new visitors. wow!

  2. Fantastic post, great blog.



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