Friday, 29 July 2011

My first ring

 My mist-nets and bird-rings (bands as the americans call them) arrived in the post a few days ago – so let the Fynbos Endemic Bird project begin! I took ages to set up the nets in the garden 2 days ago, during which time I caught my first bird – a Cape Weaver. It was from the local colony and already had a ring on from Neil and Gudrun's visit. The weather report for yesterday was bad – with wind and a chance of rain – so I didn't put the nets up. Of course it turned out to be a perfect day for netting – cloudy and still. So I decided to ignore the weather reports for today and went and put up some nets. Of course today it is windy. However, I did manage to catch my first bird. A Cape Robin-chat. Very common and not a Fynbos endemic. Ah well, you have to start somewhere.

You never forget your first

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