Monday, 15 August 2011

Has Spring Sprung?

Probably not (to answer my self-imposed question), since last night the thermometer hit -3 degrees.

Perfect frosty morning for a walk! Since I'd noticed quite a few things in flower recently, thought I better head out and document some of them. Fynbos contains many entertaining subjects for macro photography.

Frosty leaves
I'm not a plantologist, so some names of things below might be wrong (if you really want to learn latin plant names best buy Plants of the Klein Karoo).

Agathosma recurvifolia - a local kind of buchu


a member of the Compositae family

A pink Erica

A white Erica

Eriocephalus (Kapokbos)


Lessertia microphylla (formerly known as Sutherlandia – Kankerbos)


Leucospermum royenifolium

Muraltia (but could be totally wrong)
Naartjieskloofberg with Protea neriifolia in the foreground

Othonna cyclindrica close macro shot

Othonna parviflora Bobbejaankool 
Struthiola argentea


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