Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Animal Adventures - the Honey Badger visit

As told by Elaine Lee: Gareth came in for lunch and said there was a strange dark animal outside - it turned out to be a juvenile Honey Badger!
Late afternoon I went out to collect my secateurs, and walked right in to it, which it didn't appreciate - much hissing and growling, and I got out of its way rather rapidly - but in the meantime it took advantage of the open door, and dashed into the kitchen!
So I called to Chris, who got up to investigate, and then like a flash, it  was into the sitting room! Our new kitten in the meantime had leapt up the stairs - wise, it might have eaten her...We watched through the glass door to the sitting room, while it explored - including coming up to us and standing up against the glass - we've never had such a close up view!

Well, how do you get a Ratel out of a room?
Chris opened the outside door, but it didn't seem particularly interested in doing anything other than exploring this strange new territory. We phoned neighbour Tessa, who let out a shriek of laughter, but otherwise wasn't too helpful! 
Phoned brother Don, who thought we were incredibly lucky!
Phoned the lady at Nature Conservation, who just said, Be patient, it will eventually go out. Hmmm.
Then a man who is making a table for us phoned, and Chris described our situation:
Well, he said, put some honey on the end of a broom handle, and lure it out - and this worked like a charm, except Chris didn't shut the door in time, and it was back inside... 
Second time around we were better prepared, and in addition I put a bone outside the door - Chris again lured him out - and then had to get out of its way, as once it got the bone it chased Chris away! 
Honey badger walking past a camera trap

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