Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A free postcard from South Africa

Yes, its true, we are willing to send you or a friend a postcard - from South Africa. For Free. Well, we do also ask that you become a friend on Facebook or like us at the very least. And of course there is some adwords stuff around (which you don't have to click on). Is that too much to ask? It's still definitely not costing you anything. So hey, why not. Just send me an email with the message if its for someone else (e.g. "Dear Bob, I had a great time in South Africa; saw loadsa cool animals; didn't get eaten by a lion or mugged in JHB; weather was awesome; Love Laia")

And of course the full postal address in the format I would need to write it e.g.

Bob Smith
112 Example Road
S17 1XV

For more info, see what the cards look like and more....


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