Thursday, 23 September 2010

What gives you a light, a great aroma and massage oil all in one?

The answer: SoyLite candles – the latest addition to our in-house boutique.

SoyLites come in 220ml frosted tumblers and burn for up to 50 hours. Each candle contains 8ml of pure essential oil blends. The ‘wax’ is oil from rainforest-friendly soya beans; and can be used straight from a lit candle to provide the perfect massage material. With blends such as: Harmony, Rejuvenation, Peaceful Summer and Tranquility, they are the perfect tool for enhancing your romantic get-away with us.

For those using us as a base for a bit of hiking, we also have 75ml Travel-Lites. These citronella scented candles double up as natural, sweet smelling insect repellents.

And finally, we also stock the longest lasting lip-balm ever – soft soya wax with a refreshing peppermint flavour.

What’s more is for our guests we are giving away these products at 10% below the recommended retail price!

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