Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Scrap Chap

Being a fledgling contract Nature Reserve, we don't loads of dosh or the man-power to do all the things we want to. The list is long – remove fences, remove alien vegetation, replant indigenous vegetation and trees, fix erosion gulleys.... and so on. So the other day Hottie – a labourer from the farm next door – asks if we have scrap metal lying around as his nephew (Izi) is in the recycling or scrap business. Happens that one of the things we would like to do when we have time, money and manpower is get rid of loads of junk that is lying around – part of which included an old steel trailer in a stream bed. So – done deal – they take it out, sell it, and we have a cleaner back yard. Here they are at work cutting it up.

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