Friday, 23 December 2011

Sai, Mikael and the Saimic Trail

For 2 weeks during December we played host to Sai and Mikael from Sweden, who came to help us finish a circular hiking trail through the mountains. The lads worked hard for 2 weeks with spades, machetes and blisters to complete a 2km section through the mountains that connects our Sugarbird Valley hike to our Pond. The section of trail was named Saimic in their honour.

The circular walk is around 8km long and takes 3 hours to complete. Highlights along the way include a dip in the pond, great views, crazy rock formations, and the feeling of total immersion in nature – no sight or sounds of other people nearly guaranteed.

Finished! Triumphant on the last section of the trail

Moving a sign into position

Murray and the Machete - friend Murray was drafted to help on the day we did the photo shoot. Other days we were too busy working to take photos.

Sai and Mikael also helped on a few days with mist-netting. One of Mikaels new experiences was "being bitten by a hummingbird"

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