Sunday, 7 June 2015

Frosty Thyme

... and origanum, parsley and roses too.

-2 this morning, the first taste of temperatures to come over the next two months.

Here are a few images from the morning:

Frosty Origano

Frosty Rose

Frosty Strawberry leaves

Frosty Parsley

Frosty Dahlia thing

Frosty Thyme
Frosty Pea tendril

Frosty Log

If I wasn't worried about climate change, I'd wish you a warm winter. I'll settle for wishing that you keep yourself warm this winter. 


  1. Beautiful photos! I love the frosty pea tendril.

  2. lovely photos Alan

    I agree the pea tendril is amazing

    it was 86 degree yesterday


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