Thursday, 3 March 2011

Stunt Swallows

Two weeks ago massive winds associated with a hail storm broke a window of a store-room. Since we are not using the room much, we haven’t made an effort to repair it. Last week while in the room I noticed the makings of a swallow's nest on an old sliding door in the room. I presumed it was an abandoned nest from the summer breeding season. Imagine my surprise when a swallow flew into the room through the broken window, panicked, and flew out again.

I then noticed that a pair of Greater-striped Swallows were collecting mud from a bare patch of ground the sprinkler had been on and that they were still constructing the nest. That is unusual since it is really late into summer now – autumn is announcing itself in the cool morning breeze.

These photos show the bird flying in through the broken window in a show of aerial acrobatics that would have the bravest stuntman white at the knuckles.   

Collecting mud for the nest

Calling off a poor approach

Lining up for the entrance through the jagged glass

A successful entry

Another beak-full of mud into the nest 

and off again for some more


  1. Very nice, did they breed sucessfully?

  2. Hi Robyn,

    At the moment I think they are incubating - they are still in attendance at the nest. Holding thumbs for them! PS sorry I don't reply to other comments, but I don't have broadband and I find this comment facility problematic. I have tried to comment on some of your lovely pics!



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