Saturday, 5 November 2011

Even Dassies stop to smell the flowers

I went to visit the Dassie Castle the other day and it looks like they have been busy in their garden. The rocks are glowing with these pink, purple and red flowers and the dassies (Rock Hyrax) really looked like they were enjoying them. If the flowers look familiar that is because they are Perlargonium zonale - 'The mother of all Geraniums'. Many geraniums found in gardens originate from this species.

Slightly more exotic is the Erica pectinifolia – the red flowers typical of a bird pollinated flower, which I captured being enjoyed by a female Malachite Sunbird.

All was peaceful and quiet until the dassies started getting jittery and barking alarm calls – Verreaux's Eagles find them quite tasty. However, all I saw was a Jackal Buzzard.



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