Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Marvelous Malachite Sunbird makes my month

Since this has been becoming a bit of a blah blah-g recently I thought I better try get back to being a Photoblog. This August has been a bit challenging from several points of view, including the doubling of my parental duties, the extraction of a tooth, combined with freezing cold weather. While July was dramatically warmer than expected, August has more than made up for it with regular frost and some snow on the mountain tops. 

But – Spring is now here according to my diary, and some flowers seem to agree, putting on their finest to attract passing honey bees or birds. 

The combination of yellow Othonna parviflora (Bobbejaankool) and Sutherlandia frutescens (Kankerbos) in the valleys is just too stunning, and when decorated with South Africa’s finest Sunbirds, the world is just beautifully alive with colour and life. Aaaah, breathe it in. 

Yay! From here on out its going to get warmer!

Grey-winged Francolin

Protea Seedeater soaking in the Spring time

Suspicious Missus Malachite Sunbird

Cape Siskin (male)


  1. Ah what a stunning fellow. And the red flowers add to the dazzling contrast.

    I forget that others are heading into their fine season.

    Here we have another month of sunny, occasionally tempest tossed days, then the long gray gloom sets in.

    Already thinking about a March holiday , someplace sunny.

    1. I've been thinking you must come out here as a volunteer and make us a geocache trail?


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