Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Top 10 blue hill blog posts

10 Sep 2010
2 Nov 2011
7 Jan 2011
8 Jul 2011, 4 comments
5 Sep 2011
7 Jan 2011
21 Dec 2012, 2 comments
17 Apr 2012, 2 comments
26 May 2012
9 Jul 2012, 2 comments
Yesterday marked 150 posts to the bluehillescape blog, which started carrying photos and stories of the Fynbos Endemic Bird Survey from beginning of 2012. The first post was in August 2010: 

Since then we’ve had 33 000 visits to the range of stories that have been posted. This table lists the most popular. 

It’s good to reread those old posts and reflect on what hopes and dreams have been realized and what has changed over the past three years. I must say I would never have guessed that some of these posts would generate that much traffic, most of which comes from America and South Africa, and most of which is generated from google searches.  Its a bit sad to see that although I notify all posts to my Facebook profile, few of my Peruvian friends visit – but that of course is a language thing.

Thanks also to my top 3 commentators:
Di -
Marty -
Robyn -

Bar-throated Apalis
Traffic sources: God Bless America. And from Russia with Love.


  1. You could add a Google Translate button, for your Peruvian friends. I have my computer set to right click for Translate to English - but I recently added the Translate button, as a courtesy to my international readers. I'll read German, and Dutch - after that I click Translate

    1. Thanks for the advice - I'll see what I can do!

    2. now you can follow your stats, and see who translates, to which languages

  2. what can I say, I envy you your lifes journey.

    Sitting in a lab with no windows , sometimes you need to take a little journey of the spirit


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