Thursday, 17 September 2015

Radical Raptors revisited: the flight of the drone

Radical Raptors remains one of my top recommendations for visitors to the Garden Route. The personal touch, strong conservation and education messages and quality of the performance make the raptor flight shows a real winner. After my first experience I was very keen to bring the family along.

The first owl we were introduced to was Charlie the Spotted Eagle Owl. Our Charlie was rather impressed with the feathered version. Eli preferred Barney the Barn Owl. For me the highlight was a new addition to the show: the Harris Hawk demonstrating its aerial attacking ability on a drone.

Despite a very windy morning, which can impact bird flight behaviour, we had a thoroughly enjoyable show. It is also very nice to know that the entrance fee supports raptor rehabilitation: so please do support Dennis and his extended feathered family if you get a chance to do so. Raptors are a group of birds doing particularly poorly in our rapidly changing world, due to poisoning and persecution and every cent helps.

You don't want to be a mouse at Radical Raptors... 

Harris Hawk attack on a model bird supported from a hover drone

1 comment:

  1. that first photo is amazng!

    I totally agree with you with the need to balance education/ rehab/ preservation and exhibition. Exhibition for exhibition sake is not a favorite.


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